Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stretch Yourself

Out on the beach I spotted a ‘Dude,’ that’s what it said on his T-shirt, standing with a
skim board just waiting. A skim board is about half the size of a surf board and is used to skim
across the waves as they hit the shore much like an elongated boogie board. The weather was
nice and the waves rolled in gently. That seemed to be the problem. With no wind or tide rushing
in the waves did not offer an opportunity to jump on the skim board and dash across the waves.
Was he enjoying the moment or upset that the one day he had picked to come to the beach turned
out to be a bust?
I used it as a moment to do some research and approached a young man in a wet suit who
was leaned against the railing watching the gentle waves roll up to shore. He seemed to be in no
hurry and with a smile on his face he answered my few questions. Do I fret and complain when
things don’t work out like I planned? Could I use the time to my advantage and enjoy the
moment if all I got out of it was the scenery and the warm sun on my back, I still considered that
my day had not been wasted when a lot of people were dealing with snow storms that pelted
areas with ice.
Life can’t be too bad if you can find enjoyment where you are. Open your eyes and see
the things around you that can lend themselves to uplift you or be an example of a character in                
a story. Better yet, stretch yourself and learn to do something new and exciting like skimming.
May God bless you,    Doris Jean

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