Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Life is short. Enjoy every moment.
May you have lots of sunrises in your future,
Happy New Year
Dorris Jean

There are pieces missing in the jig saw puzzle of life. I have I’m offering you the chance to learn from my mistakes and successes--to learn right now how bright your life truly can be.

                    Time Alone
                Get up early each morning
                      Enjoy the time alone just to listen
                Use it as a time to think and
                      Contemplate with no

        Savor Each Moment
First cup of coffee in the morning is the best.
A cool shower after being in the heat invigorates.
Watching the sunset brings peace.
Take a sniff of fresh washed linens.
Enjoy one spoon at a time of a luscious dessert.
Smile, it gives your face something to do.
Music calms the ravaged soul.

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