Saturday, February 22, 2014

Build a Memory

            Build a Memory

Memories sustain you long after the situation changes.
Often we remember someone from our family or a close
friend who becomes more.
If you are not blessed to be in close proximity, enjoy.
Distance can be a problem, but not insurmountable.
Write them long chatty letters or zip them an e-mail.
Need something more personal, the phone is a great aid.

Every Saturday morning, I called my aunt. We were
a continent apart but the sound of her voice brought joy.
One Saturday, she inquired what I was doing. “Drinking coffee.”
From then on, we had ‘coffee’ and conversation weekly.
With my younger brother, we lived in neighboring states,
once a month we split the difference and got to gather for lunch.

There both gone now but the memories we built, lingers.
Who do you need to connect with?
Find a way.

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