Monday, February 10, 2014

Set Your Priorities

            Set Your Priorities

            List the jobs you do every day. Jot down all those tasks
that take up so much of your time. Put them all there from the
menial of washing dishes to balancing the check book.

Now number them in order of priority: what has to be done
or the earth stops moving.
Take the top three. Is there any place for worship and Bible study
in there? Can you start your day without turning it over to the One
who created you?
Where did you put time for yourself?
You know, you have to have time to rejuvenate and get things back in
balance. Are you even on your list?
I once thought if I did not show up at work, things would stop.
It was hard to realize that I was replaceable.
There are things that are not, though.  Find them.

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