Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Happy Spring

      Spring will soon be here. I can celebrate the season and revel in the fact that
I did not make a New Year’s Resolution that I could not keep.
So I have a plan to celebrate spring. I intend to do something for myself.
I know that is a strange concept.
As I put on my old underwear, if it has holes or is stretched out of shape,                                      it goes in the trash when I pull it off.
That way I will be forced to do something and buy new underwear because
I will not have any to put on.
It’s strange that a person should be forced to take care of self.
Guess I have spent for too much time taking care of others.
Do something for yourself to celebrate spring.
Maybe you take your morning coffee outside or you call
and talk to a friend while you indulge.
Do it for you. You are worth it.
Happy Spring

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