Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Braining Cleaning

Ever wonder how it would feel to wipe the slate clean and not have old memories?
I have seen it happen to others and it's not a good thing. You forget everything, even how to survive.
HOWEVER, I do think we need to sweep some of the cob webs, and clean the corners
of our brains to get rid of the junk that holds us back, keeps us from doing our best
and drags us down so all we think about is junk.

How much lighter and freer we could feel if all that extra baggage would take a hike.
It's just stuff and a person can become so loaded with stuff that there is no room for
the good things that come along.

I am as guilty as the next as playing things over in my mind, things I can't change,
things that happen in the past. I am trying to let go so I have space for more of the                    
things I enjoy. Some days are better than others but I feel I am making progress.
How does the song go, well the jest is that you are only given one day at a time
so live this day to the fullest.
May God bless you,

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