Friday, January 12, 2018

Wonder What I missed

Before the end of the Twentieth Century, I read an article about 100 things you should do.

I completed all but three. I watched only the first of the “Godfather” trilogies.

I can only stand so much violence.

I haven’t swum with dolphins.

I did take up snorkeling to get a different view of the world below the water’s surface.

There had been chances but I opted out of the petting part much less getting in the dolphin’s


Lastly, I have never driven a convertible.

Technically it said to drive a convertible down the coast.

If you know me, I drive the coast from one end to the other.

I have ridden in a red convertible but it was on the interstate.

That may be the one thing that I try to complete before this decade is over.

Have a better chance of doing that I think.

Wonder what else I have missed?

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