Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Understanding brings compassion and with that, you can begin to let go of the hurt.
. Go ahead and forgive them so you can reclaim the part of your life that this grudge has taken up.
If you want something impossible, it takes longer
Watch out for possibilities that present themselves. Florida turned out to be a prime piece of real estate.

Every time we leave things unresolved, we leave a piece of us lying around.
Remember the Greeks said a sound mind in a sound body., but don’t forget spirit.
You must revitalize the areas of your life that are deficient to fully reclaim the person you can be.                                                                                                                            
You need a curve in the road to see how far you have come.                                  
If where you are, there is nothing for you to do; then it’s not a good place that you are in.
If there is nothing for you to do, it’s not a good place to be
You made a change

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Building a house

It’s like building a house. You have to make a decision. You can’t keep mulling the idea over and over.
Remember the house o the corner by your Uncle G’s?
She changed her mind about the roof after they had started putting the roof on.
She will never be satisfied.

There are some choices you make you have to live with; like a new roof which lasts 25-30 years.
There are some choices you can change; like the color of the living room wall. You can re-paint.
If you don’t make these choices, the house never gets built.

You think too much.
I’m afraid to make a decision.
I love how you take risks and jump out there,
And do new things and tackle new projects.
Good enough for Government work is not good enough for you;
But at some point, you have to turn it loose.

You think less for today.
One way to do that is concentrate on someone else.
Hey like me.
Thanks for all you encouragement.

I want some ice cream.
Want to go to town?

May God Bless you,