Monday, July 9, 2018

A Little Trial

As I made laps around the yard today, I noticed a single leaf being tossed about by the wind.
I watched as the wind blew the leaf to a low spot where the leaf came to rest. It occurred to me that it was a single leaf. The other leaves were in a clump against the fence. How profound to be hanging out together by a stable force like the fence. A big gust of wind hit the lone leaf and gave it a good shake. Even in a safe harbor, the leaf still shook. So like us to hang out with friends and family who support us when winds howl about. Taking shelter in a low spot, the leaf still had to endure the onslaught of the wind.
How exhilarating to be sent racing across the drive! Merely sitting where it is safe can give one a false sense of safety. There is an Irish proverb that says you need a little trial to remind us how good we have it. If no strife exists, you take things for granted. The leaves against the fence were raked into a burn pile. The lone leaf continued its’ journey to see the world.
Maybe a little excitement coupled with a lot of togetherness would keep us grounded.

Women need to gather together so they can openly and freely
discuss things they have questions about.           
                        I Timothy 2: 11-15

So much if the time we take care of others needs and neglect our own.                                                   There are 2 times when we must put self first. In matters of health, you keep
 putting off things to the point that you can no longer get around does anyone any good.                                 
What benefit is it if you neglect your health to the point you spend days in bed?    

Second, spend a little quiet time each day to rejuvenate your soul. If you are so busy                                    rushing around, you miss some really great things.

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