Friday, September 7, 2018

Keeping Electronics Organized

 Keeping Electronics Organized

While traveling, I found that I take a lot of electronics with me.

It becomes a hassle to keep wires untangled and know what goes with what.

I found the solution- a clear cosmetic hanging bag.

On the outside of the bag, I place a strip of masking tape and write what is in the pocket,      
such as cord for cell phone.

At a glance, I can see what is missing as I pack up.

Also, I put different colors of tape around the wires and a bit of the colored tape on the       
device it goes to such as red tape on the wire to my camera and a piece of red tape on my camera.  
Some devices may not need this extra step but others will.

I also designate differing colors for my cell phone and my husbands, makes it easier to           
keep track.

Extra batteries and such get their own compartment, be sure to label what they go with.

Bags some in differing sizes so you can purchase the size you need.

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