Saturday, November 10, 2018

A child of God

You are a child of God. He says that you are wondrously made. 
Do you spend so much of your time with activities that you no 
longer here that small voice talking to you?

           A child has no problem being still and listening to God. 

Have you seen a child squat down and watch a beetle make 
its’ way through the dust?  Can you find a quiet spot in your 
day to listen to your inner self?
You can do a few things to change the way you look on the outside. 
Sit up straight, lift your head up, and pretend you like yourself
What? I don’t like me. How can you say that? If you liked you, 
you would take care of yourself. When I looked in that mirror, 
I discovered that I didn’t like what I saw. Who could that person be?
 Was it really me? Then one day I had an epiphany, I didn’t love me because when you love something you take care of it. I certainly had not taken care of that reflection in the mirror.

The more you rush the less time you have to listen to that small voice inside. Some say it’s a conscience trying to tell you something. If we stay real busy, then, we don’t have to listen. What if it’s God trying to give you directions for a happy life?  Always rushing, what’s wrong with just being? Are you rushing around here and there doing activities that fills your time? 
Are they things you enjoy?

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