Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I can't get help

When I am broken, there seem to be two reasons I can’t get help.

First I don’t ask. How do you expect to get something

if you don’t know what you want?

Make it specific. I need help is a plea not a request.

Second, people don’t know how to help- tell them.

Explain in short what you need.

I just need someone to listen and not give me advice may sound hard

but if that is what you need, ask.

Too often I turn to the wrong person for help. I know I am not alone in this.

Women jump from one bad marriage to another because they don’t want to be alone,

think they can’t manage on their own or various other reasons.

Relationships take work and changing one bad for another you bring your old troubles

and add a few new ones so how can you be better off.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Change It

Not happy with your life- change it.

You have a choice, you can continue to be unhappy

or you can do something about it.

It is easy to accept status quo- you know what you

are dealing with and life isn’t to


But what if you added more things that brought you joy?

                           You can not add something without getting rid of something,

                                            there just isn’t space for things.

MOVE get into action make your life what you want it to be.

                          You have the choice stay in the rut,

                       make a few changes or get a complete makeover.

                                                                                      Time is running out.

Friday, February 28, 2014

When I'm broken

When I’m broken, I don’t want you to fix me.
Maybe I don’t know what I want but I do know what I need.
I need time to grieve for the things I’ve lost.
I need to be heard, please listen.
I need to find my voice so I can figure out what to do.

Give me your ear to hear,
Give me a shoulder to cry on,
Don’t tell me that it will be better
Don’t say you understand
Just be there.

Don’t say I told you so.
Don’t tell me what I did wrong.

I feel bad enough.
Leave me some dignity.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Build a Memory

            Build a Memory

Memories sustain you long after the situation changes.
Often we remember someone from our family or a close
friend who becomes more.
If you are not blessed to be in close proximity, enjoy.
Distance can be a problem, but not insurmountable.
Write them long chatty letters or zip them an e-mail.
Need something more personal, the phone is a great aid.

Every Saturday morning, I called my aunt. We were
a continent apart but the sound of her voice brought joy.
One Saturday, she inquired what I was doing. “Drinking coffee.”
From then on, we had ‘coffee’ and conversation weekly.
With my younger brother, we lived in neighboring states,
once a month we split the difference and got to gather for lunch.

There both gone now but the memories we built, lingers.
Who do you need to connect with?
Find a way.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Set Your Priorities

            Set Your Priorities

            List the jobs you do every day. Jot down all those tasks
that take up so much of your time. Put them all there from the
menial of washing dishes to balancing the check book.

Now number them in order of priority: what has to be done
or the earth stops moving.
Take the top three. Is there any place for worship and Bible study
in there? Can you start your day without turning it over to the One
who created you?
Where did you put time for yourself?
You know, you have to have time to rejuvenate and get things back in
balance. Are you even on your list?
I once thought if I did not show up at work, things would stop.
It was hard to realize that I was replaceable.
There are things that are not, though.  Find them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What if I could?

What if I could?

What if I could do some of the things I use to do? I see the TV ad for climbing a rock wall. I use to climb rocks all over the state park. Later my boyfriend was hired to put footprints in the rocks to help people climb easier. Rock climbing lost something.

I never learned to skate backwards or do a cartwheel. I can live without them and lots of other things. Instead of thinking about what I can’t do, I want to think about what I can do.

What do I want now? Maybe a little more joy in my life. Just a slight change in attitude can bring me that. If I felt more uplifted it could do the trick.

Do more of the things that bring you joy; whether it is sitting on the porch drinking coffee or taking an art class. Add more color to brighten the day, a bright yellow glass for juice, a bright red square to hold pens on your desk and an orange coffee mug. Don’t forget smells like fresh baked bread. When it rains, my umbrella has a happy face. James 1:2

May God send you showers of joy,

Dorris Jean