Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Get Started

When walking I have found that if I look forward to see how far
I have to go, I get discouraged. However, if I concentrate on where
I place my feet, I make progress and in no time I can look back and see how far I have come.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Part that is missing

Through and Beyond Exercise Book

I want to give you the tools to work with as you go on your journey.

I want to offer you encouragement as you battle to find your identity and

I want to offer you hope that you can succeed.

This is a journey you must take if you want to get back all the pieces of

you that have been chipped away.

My best advice is to take some time for yourself and get prepared

as you embark on your reclamation project.

It takes time for self-discovery and the best gift you can give yourself is that gift of time.

There's a piece missing in the jig saw puzzle of your life

and it's right where your heart is.

Have you searched for it to no avail?

There is hope.

You just have to know where to look.

It pulls at your heart strings saying, "Why not?"

The part that's missing is you.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Starting Over

I have had several people tell me they were starting over.
Are they really?
I think of starting over as leaving the past behind and doing something
totally different than you did before.
Maybe my definition differs from others.

I was advised that if you had a major change in your life that you
should give yourself time to adjust before you made any life changes.
Starting over would fall into that category.
However, there are instances when you have no choice.
I took early retirement. I had to start over with no job
to be the core of my existences.

When else does life demand that you start over?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Take a Mini Retreat

Take a Mini-Retreat

            Clear your calendar, tell family and friends you will be unavailable, turn off the TV                        
and let your phone go to voice mail. If you have kids, let them stay the night with 

friends. It is time to do something for yourself.

Stock up on things you don’t have to cook: cereal, sandwiches maybe some soup.

Friday night, take a long leisurely bath; soak in warm water until you feel the muscles relax.

Add some candles and soft music for mood if you like. You need to get rid of all that tension.

Crawl between the sheets and snooze away- no wake up alarm to disturb you. Sleep until you wake 

up on your own. Take your morning coffee in a different spot, set in the sunshine on the back steps 

breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.

Take a leisurely breakfast where you taste each morsel and not just swallow it whole. Try something 

different that the usual maybe a croissant. Spread the bed if you must, comfortable clothes and an 

afternoon walk should do the trick to relax you.

Take a nap or stretch out. Have lunch in the park or the back yard anywhere in the sunshine.  

                   Curl up with that book you have been putting off starting. Supper on a tray in the living 

room, find a comfy spot on the floor to enjoy the cheese and cracker, fruit and your favorite beverage. 

From this vantage point you get a whole new perspective on life.

Enjoy the quiet, soak it in. It will be back to normal for to soon.

Finish the book, then off to bed after a decadent mid-night snack of chocolate. 

Awake refreshed put on some music, let your senses come alive. 

Reveal in your new found energy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What you want

If you had three days to do what you wanted, what would it look like

Make up your mind what you want and go for it.

What would you do, if the doctor told you that you had a year to live?

The best way to get quality time with those special                                                                                       

Make a date with your significant other.

First if you want your life to be more enjoyable,

you must add more of the things that bring you joy.

Second, you can't add something without taking something out,

and that is the rub.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Understanding brings compassion and with that, you can begin to let go of the hurt.

Go ahead and forgive them so you can reclaim the part of your life that this grudge has taken up.

If you want something impossible, it takes longer

Watch out for possibilities that present themselves. Florida turned out to be a prime piece of real estate.

Every time we leave things unresolved, we leave a piece of us lying around.

Remember the Greeks said a sound mind in a sound body., but don’t forget spirit.

You must revitalize the areas of your life that are deficient to fully reclaim the person you can be.                                                                                                                            

You need a curve in the road to see how far you have come.                                  

If where you are, there is nothing for you to do; then it’s not a good place that you are in.

If there is nothing for you to do, it’s not a good place to be

You made a change