Sunday, June 11, 2017


Homeless conjures up images of what?

Most would think someone smelly, living on the street, digging through

trash cans.

Think again; look at it backwards less a home.

Home is where you lay your head at night but what if

you don’t have that luxury. Homeless happens for a variety of reasons:

mental illness, alcoholism, job loss, etc.

I have heard stories but I have my own.

               My first memory of being homeless was spending two weeks in a

car parked under a shade tree. It was summer in the South. Dad

had a job but places to rent were few and those available would not rent

to families with kids. There was a park and big oak trees. A station at the

edge of the park allowed us to use the restroom where we could wash up each day.

Dad walked to work for two weeks. At the end of that time, Dad moved us

to his mother’s for a week until he could find us a place of our own.

                Another time, my husband left me. I slept on my mother’s couch; I had no

Job. Are you technically homeless? The next time I had no home,                                                                      

I stayed a while with my brother. No place to call your own is hard but having                                                     

Someone to help makes it bearable.

                I balked or more like I froze trying to explain what it feels like.    

As a child, you accept things as they come. Everything is new and exciting.

We played in the park all day, slept in the car at night but we were together.

                As an adult, it is different. You go to bed when the last person does and get

up with the first one. There is no privacy. I long for a good night’s sleep.

I keep my clothes in the car at the ready. I had responsibility. I had two young children.

I asked for help to find a job. I was told that since I had a college degree and

could teach school, there was no help. OK granted but remember this was June

and not a time for employment. I made it but I had a bad taste in my mouth.

I had help from my family. What do those who have no family to help do?

                Don’t judge to harshly until you know the facts. What is the saying,                                          

”There but for the grace of God go I.”

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