Monday, August 10, 2015

Clean- no dreams, no plans

    I took a look in the mirror and the image I saw staring back at me needed a bit of sprucing up. It seems the image you project on the outside is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. My inside needed a bit of attention. It is so easy to forget to care for yourself in the business of day to day activities. Guess live is like a haircut, it looks great when you first get it; as it grows out you can maintain status quo but there comes a point when you must admit that more needs to be done to keep it looking cared for.
    I had been trimming my hair myself but decided I needed a more professional look; me being good to me. The hairstylist seemed impressed that I trimmed my own hair and commented on an excellent job. I thought I detected a bit of tongue in cheek going on here. Putting scissors to hair, I left with a new hairstyle. I wonder how it is that every time I get a hair cut, it looks different. With my new coiffure, I once again gaze at my reflection and discover a slight improvement. If a new hair cut can provide an upgrade, I wonder what other small tweeks can accomplish?

    If my outside reflects how I am doing then what does that say about me?