Monday, September 5, 2016

As a Woman

As a woman I know you should make time for yourself, but with all the things you have to juggle in your life, there doesn’t seem to be time. How about 15 minutes to relieve stress, clear you mind and give you a better outlook on life? Need comfortable chair, heating pad, timer, foot stool, and pillows. As the heat relaxes your muscles, the quiet welcoming dark, relaxes your mind.

1.  Have your own special place, glider rocker
with footstool, table and lamp
2. Look younger-smile and think happy thoughts
3.  Eat breakfast.  Break   fast.
4.  Think outside the box.
5.  Recliners
6. Enjoy your coffee.
7.  Be a porch monkey and watch the world go by.
8. Leisure stroll to enjoy nature, watch ants, listen to
birds, and feel wind.
9. Brisk walk to get blood flowing – walking shoes
10. Try things to see what you don’t like.
11. Diet – not good if it doesn’t suit your life style
and you can’t live with it.
        Must be a lifestyle change.
12. Snack is not a dirty word. What you eat during the
snack is what adds the pounds.

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