Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Braining Cleaning

Ever wonder how it would feel to wipe the slate clean and not have old memories?
I have seen it happen to others and it's not a good thing. You forget everything, even how to survive.
HOWEVER, I do think we need to sweep some of the cob webs, and clean the corners
of our brains to get rid of the junk that holds us back, keeps us from doing our best
and drags us down so all we think about is junk.

How much lighter and freer we could feel if all that extra baggage would take a hike.
It's just stuff and a person can become so loaded with stuff that there is no room for
the good things that come along.

I am as guilty as the next as playing things over in my mind, things I can't change,
things that happen in the past. I am trying to let go so I have space for more of the                    
things I enjoy. Some days are better than others but I feel I am making progress.
How does the song go, well the jest is that you are only given one day at a time
so live this day to the fullest.
May God bless you,

Monday, January 22, 2018

Clean Slate

How often have you heard someone say that they would like to start over? Starting over is synonymous with a clean slate. If you could start over, what would your new life look like?What is keeping you from having that life?

Two teachers had new homes. One moved to the big city from the country but took all her old furniture with her.The other one stayed put but built a new house but could not afford furniture until later.

Which one had the clean slate? Guess it depends on what you want. You can evaluate your life, get rid of the things that are holding you back and add more of the things you want.Sounds simple; maybe it is but it takes work.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Treating the Symptons

Treating the Symptoms Not Taking Care of the Problem
                        In pain, the doctor gives you a medication to alleviate the symptom. What caused the pain? Is there a plan to discover what exactly caused the problem in the first place? It is so much easier to just fix the symptoms than to dig deep and find out what the problem is. Think this is only for medical problems, think again. If you have an issue in your life, how easy is it for you to discover what is at the root and fix it. We have a tendency to either ignore the problem until it can no longer be ignored or we run from the situation, thinking that time and space will make the problem go away. Neither works and both can be detrimental in the long run.                                                                                  For instance, you have chest pain and you put it off thinking it is just indigestion. You chomp down on antacids until you have a full-blown heart attack. Happens more than you think.
The faucet drips, you take a wrench and tighten it. One day the pipe burst and your bathroom is flooded. See I told you putting things off is not always the best policy.
            How do you get the doctor to take you seriously that something is wrong? Be persistent. Be your own advocate. Be informed. Doctors are only human and if you don’t stand up for yourself, no one else will until it could be too late.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Wonder What I missed

Before the end of the Twentieth Century, I read an article about 100 things you should do.

I completed all but three. I watched only the first of the “Godfather” trilogies.

I can only stand so much violence.

I haven’t swum with dolphins.

I did take up snorkeling to get a different view of the world below the water’s surface.

There had been chances but I opted out of the petting part much less getting in the dolphin’s


Lastly, I have never driven a convertible.

Technically it said to drive a convertible down the coast.

If you know me, I drive the coast from one end to the other.

I have ridden in a red convertible but it was on the interstate.

That may be the one thing that I try to complete before this decade is over.

Have a better chance of doing that I think.

Wonder what else I have missed?

Monday, January 1, 2018

Commitment to Self

You have to make a commitment to yourself.

You have to decide that y9ou are more than just work

that life has to include those people around you are far as your imagination can stretch.

When you work, you contribute something to your family, to your job and to society.

Your contribution may be monetary but now you will have time to take it to a higher level.       

The most valuable thing you have to give is yourself.

The work comes in finding exactly where you want to invest that precious commodity.

All your life up until this moment your time has been devoted to preparing for the job

and working.

Now you need to assess your opportunities.