Monday, October 22, 2018



I lived in southern Louisiana and my aunt was in northern Illinois.
 My aunt, we called her Sis, loved coffee.
 By chance I called her on Saturday morning when
 she was sitting on the front porch having a cup of coffee.
 From then on, we had coffee on Saturday mornings. 
My aunt has been gone for a few years but when I can, 
I take my cup of coffee and sit on the porch. 
She may not be here but her memory is never closer than at those moments.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Not that Old

Don’t laugh! I just found out that I am not as old as I thought I was. What a marvelous concept.
It is not that

I am losing my mind; has more to do with the fact that when I turned 50, I made a big deal of celebrating. 

Every day for a week, I did something different with various friends and family. Activities included: eating the

prize winning Jambalaya for the year, grilling in the back yard and having cake with my grown children at

11pm. The kids made the 8 hour trip after work to spend the day with me. Each day was special. Since, I

haven’t kept track of my age. Not that I think that it’s all down hill, just that I have been busy doing lots of

things that I had put off doing.  Turning 50 was a wake-up call to access where I had been, where I was

and to motivate me to accomplish something if I was so inclined. When you set

your mind to see what you can do, great things happen.

Now I discover that I have a whole year to be this age again, it doesn’t get any

better. What shall I do with my year? Shall I make all the mistakes that I

previously made; quite possible. There are things I would

do differently if I could go back. I can’t go back but I can try to be better at what I do the second time

around. This time, I will reach out and challenge new opportunities that come my way. I will grab live and

hold on. I’m not as old as I thought I was so I am going to act as young as I am, even if that is over 50. :-)

Monday, October 8, 2018

Road Trips

There was a list of six fabulous road trips to take this summer; surprisingly
I had drove them all.
Miami to Key West a four hour drive to the Southern Most Point in the U.S.

Pacific Coast Hwy or Old Hwy 1 problem is part of Hwy One fell off the cliff and
has been moved in-land. That is if you don't want to get off the beaten path.
Going through San Fransisco was interesting to say the least.

Mid-Coastal Maine had a lot to offer. Some stretches of the road actually get up
to 55 MPH and down to 20 as you go through a string of small towns.

Route 66 has various names as it goes but part of the old route
is still marked from St. Louis to Amarillo. Don't forget to try some BBQ.

Blue Ridge Parkway across the Great Smokey Mountains just watch for fog.
Didn't stop at Dollywood but I could put that on my list to do later.

Natchez Trace from Memphis to New Orleans, check out Vicksburg and Cafe' du Monde.
Get out and walk the old trace just south of Vicksburg.

Been down Hwy One on the west coast and up Hwy One on the East coast.