Thursday, April 11, 2019

Take a Mini Retreat

Take a Mini-Retreat

            Clear your calendar, tell family and friends you will be unavailable, turn off the TV                        
and let your phone go to voice mail. If you have kids, let them stay the night with 

friends. It is time to do something for yourself.

Stock up on things you don’t have to cook: cereal, sandwiches maybe some soup.

Friday night, take a long leisurely bath; soak in warm water until you feel the muscles relax.

Add some candles and soft music for mood if you like. You need to get rid of all that tension.

Crawl between the sheets and snooze away- no wake up alarm to disturb you. Sleep until you wake 

up on your own. Take your morning coffee in a different spot, set in the sunshine on the back steps 

breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.

Take a leisurely breakfast where you taste each morsel and not just swallow it whole. Try something 

different that the usual maybe a croissant. Spread the bed if you must, comfortable clothes and an 

afternoon walk should do the trick to relax you.

Take a nap or stretch out. Have lunch in the park or the back yard anywhere in the sunshine.  

                   Curl up with that book you have been putting off starting. Supper on a tray in the living 

room, find a comfy spot on the floor to enjoy the cheese and cracker, fruit and your favorite beverage. 

From this vantage point you get a whole new perspective on life.

Enjoy the quiet, soak it in. It will be back to normal for to soon.

Finish the book, then off to bed after a decadent mid-night snack of chocolate. 

Awake refreshed put on some music, let your senses come alive. 

Reveal in your new found energy.